Special Interest

I am also looking for any Disk Writer instruction sheets, monochrome instruction manuals and instruction disk labels.
I'm also interested in loose disk labels that would have been issued with re-written games.

Example of instruction B-side label (click image for large pic).

I am currently looking for as many of the pullback premiums that were included
with Topple Zip. For those that don't know this game it is a fun vertical shooter.
The game features a number of ships that may be the inspiration for the pullbacks.
If you have any info about the premiums let me know. So far I have spotted 5
of them.
I'm not totally positive about the names (Google Translate).

 Zipping                                    Gicotto                                          ?????                                      Stuttan re                                   Jeppo

Here's one I don't have. It's called Chitanchi.