This is a list of the 20 Konami Famicom/FDS games that came with a single bonus 'character card'.
These were also known as 'chara cards'. They depicted images inspired by the games,
or screen shots, on the front of the card and a serial number on the back.
Some of the cards shown below have a white dot under them. I have these cards.
I am trying to complete the collection.

Ai Senshi Nicol (FDS)

Arumana no Kiseki (FDS)

Contra (FC)

Doremikko (FDS)

Dracula II Noroi no Fuin (FDS)

Dragon Scroll (FC)

Exciting Baseball (FDS)

Exciting Basketball (FDS)

Exciting Billiard (FDS)

Exciting Boxing (FC)

Exciting Soccer (FDS)

Falsion (FDS)

Getsu Fuma Den (FC)

Majo Densetsu II: Daimashikyo Galious (FC)

Meikyu Jiin Dababa (FDS)

Metal Gear (FC)

Salamander (FC)

Tetsuwan Atom (FC)

Top Gun (FC)

Wai Wai World (FC)